The main line of the drama is the joys and sorrows of a big Han-Tibetan family in Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province. With the psychology and career growth of the male protagonist Yang Yao Zhou born in the 1980s, it shows that people in this beautiful pure land are not afraid of hardships and love. Homeland, the pursuit of happiness.Yang Yao Zhou was born into a Han-Tibetan family in Aba. His grandfather voluntarily asked to work in the state, but unfortunately died. His father Yang Yuan De and his brother and sister also stayed in Aba to work. Yang Yao Zhou planned to go abroad to study with his girlfriend Xia Rou after graduating from Nanjing University, but was forcibly taken back to work in Aba by his father. To escape from his father, Yang Yao Zhou took the initiative to do tourism development projects in the remote Qiang Village. After two years of mixing, he would return to Nanjing to study graduate school to find his girlfriend Xia Rou. But his eldest brother died and his father fell ill. Yang Yao Zhou cruelly broke up with Xia Rou and stayed in Aba. The Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong tourist circle that he participated in the design became a golden tourist route, but the 5.12 earthquake wiped out everything. Yang Yao Zhou calmed down under the enlightenment of his mother and decided to start all over again. With the aid of all parts of the country, the tourism industry of Aba is booming again. In the Jiuzhaigou earthquake in 2017, Aba Prefecture, which insisted on the harmonious coexistence of man and nature and formed a green development mode and lifestyle, withstood the test. Yang Yao Zhou and Xia Rou also came together again in the process of leading herders to get rid of poverty and become rich. Watch drama online for free.

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