A Cruel Attendance

Release Year: 2006

Country: Korean

Author(s): Kim Tae-Yoon

Artist(s): Kim Su-Ro Lee Sun Kyun- Ko Eun Ah-

Genres: Comedy ; Crime

Status: Movies

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Dong-Cheol (Kim Su-Ro) is an ordinary salaryman. He's also a sweet husband and caring father. Dong-Cheol though finds himself in trouble. He lost a lot money in the stock market and is now in heavy debt. He also has to pay back a cut throat loan shark very soon. Dong-Cheol then meets Man-Ho (Lee Sun-Kyun), who is also in debt. The two men then concoct a plan to kidnap a child for ransom. Unfortunately, their plans go awry with the kid's parents not even answering their calls. They then go after a bigger score. The two men plan to kidnap high school student Tae-Hee (Ko Eun-Ah), whose parents are extremely rich. Things don't go according to plan as Tae-Hee is a troubled teen. Making matters worse, Dong-Cheol answers a phone call and hears, "I kidnapped your daughter. I kidnapped the kidnapper's daughter." Watch drama online for free.

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