A Puppet

Release Year: 2013

Country: Korean

Author(s): Kwon Young-Rak

Artist(s): Lee Jong-Soo Koo Ji-Sung Won Ki-Jun Han So-Young

Genres: Horror ; Thriller

Status: Movies

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Psychiatrist Ji-hoon (Lee Jong-soo) doesn't believe in love. One day his friend's girlfriend Hyeon-jin (Koo Ji-sung) comes to him with phantasm. Ji-hoon attempts at hypnotism with her but runs into something inside her and learns about he terrible past. Hyeon-jin is free of the past more and more as he treats her but Ji-hoon falls for her even more. In the end, he hypnotizes her to come and see him every Sunday at 3PM no matter what and shen does so as if hypnotized... Watch drama online for free.

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