After The Banquet

Release Year: 2009

Country: Korean

Author(s): Kim Yun-Cheol

Artist(s): Shin Sung-Woo, Ye Ji-Won, Bae Soo-Bin...

Genres: Comedy ; Drama ; Romance

Status: Movies

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In the countryside at a Catholic Church luxurious cars come rolling in. A wedding is set to take place between Ji-hong (Shin Sung-Woo) and Yu-ri (Ye Ji-Won). The couple met as music club members at their university. Their friends from their university days are all arriving, most of whom they haven't seen in 10 years. Seung-ho is now lawyer and now married. Hyeong-woo is now a university professor who is persistently single. Kyeong-ho is now PD at a television station. Seong-ju is now a business women who brought along her boyfriend 12 years her junior. Min-hee has a stable family. All of these friends are in the middle thirties. During the wedding the friends notice that one person from their music club, Jeong-hee, is missing from the wedding. After the wedding all the friends gather together at the vacation home operated by Ji-hong and Yu-ri. During the evening a young girl named Mi-rae (Ko Ah-Sung) appears at the vacation home. She informs the group that Yeong-hee was her mother and she died in a car accident one month ago. Furthermore, she tells everyone that she came here to meet her father. Tension, shock, and surprise then overtakes the gathered friends as they recall their relationships with Yeong-hee.Watch drama online for free.

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