Aiqing Bu Dayang

Release Year: 2015

Country: Chinese

Author(s): Updating

Artist(s): Updating

Genres: Drama ; Romance

Status: TV Series

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Early 1990s, Zhao Yuan Ming, Chen Menghuai, 孙伟涛 three brothers, a partnership made a pot of gold. Chen Menghuai died suddenly in a car accident, his wife Lin Meichan identified by Zhao Sun, for three and therefore enemies. Twenty-four years later, Zhao, the two children of the Sun and 孙靖晨 赵小芸 secretly in love with a girl named Shen Xiaojun appear, their relationship was exposed. Both parents oppose intervention Shen Xiaojun, Chen Jing and misunderstanding between the feelings did not let 赵小芸 abandon. Unexpectedly, the fate of people get, Shen Xiaojun was actually his half-sister. Shen Xiaojun original know his true identity, is from the mother Lin Meichan abetting false, intended to confuse the two, Sun Zhao, PETTY. When the mystery of his own life experience has been lifted, her mother complain. Lin Meichan understanding knot after Zhao, Sun unleashed two face three years of misunderstanding, uncover the truth, Lin Meichan their senses and repent. When the three crash and burn, chemical arms become instruments of peace, human warmth of the people. Inherited his father, the three children with a beautiful love friendship pouring new public welfare, to glory. Watch drama online for free.

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