Arifureta Kiseki

Release Year: 2009

Country: Japan

Author(s): Daisuke Tajima, Masaki Tamura

Artist(s): Updating

Genres: Drama ; Romance ; Family

Status: TV Series

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One day, a middle-aged man, Fujimoto Makoto, is standing on a train platform, about to jump in front of a train. Nakashiro Kana and Tasaki Shota both happen to be on the same platform, and sensing what is about to happen, they quickly pull him back to safety. There’s a reason why Kana and Shota realized Makoto’s intentions, they both have the kind of emotional scars that can’t be put into words. Even after so much pain, through a series of e-mails, they've become attracted to one another and slowly learn to open up their hearts once again.Watch drama online for free.

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