Bad Blood 2010

Release Year: 2010

Country: Hong Kong

Author(s): Updating

Artist(s): Updating

Genres: Action ; Thriller

Status: Movies

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The film begins with escaping prisoners Funky (Simon Yam), Calf (Andy On), Hung (Ken Lo), Kong (Xiong Xin Xin) and Andy Lok (Cheung Siu-fai) on the run from several People's Armed Police officers somewhere in China. Though Funky and his crew manage to fight off the guards, he and Andy Lok the crime boss of their gang get separated with the others while protecting something very valuable to Mr Lok's company. As the others reach their escape meeting an elderly gang ally named Zen, they realize Funky and Andy Lok are still trying to catch up. Just as Andy Lok tries to make a last-ditch attempt to escape he is hit by a truck which was actually part of a trap by the PAP officers and is captured, while Funky hides in the bushes apparently foreseeing it coming. Sometime later, Andy Lok's sister Audrey Lok (Bernice Liu) is sitting in silence at a public execution. Just as the PAP officers execute one man, Andy Lok's weeps once last time before being executed by an officers AK-47. Audrey prompts leaves the execution site and meetings with her will bearer Peter Wong (Lam Suet) who discusses her brother's will. As Audrey Lok tries to settle her brother's will at her house. It becomes evidently that her brother's co-workers only want her money and her brother's power and soon mysterious conspiracies leading to murder schemes begin to follow. Audrey realizes what she wants and becomes a great fighter. She fights and kills, striving only to be triad leader. Death and killings follow. At the end, the will reveals that Audrey and her brother's father wanted his children to leave Hong Kong and have a better life while the gang leadership will go to the co-workers. However, Audrey got greedy, she betrayed her brother and everyone. At the end, after she killed everyone, Dumby, Calf's student, Dumby fights Audrey when Audrey murdered Calf. Audrey shoots Dumby so many times until Dumby kills Audrey with a grenade. Both of them died in the explosion.Watch drama online for free.

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