Banjou no Alpha

Release Year: 2019

Country: Japanese

Author(s): Updating

Artist(s): Tamaki Hiroshi (1980), Kamiji Yusuke (1979)

Genres: Drama, life, Sports

Status: TV Series

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Newspaper journalist Akiba Shunsuke is transferred to the cultural desk and put in charge of shogi. He meets Sanada Nobushige, a 33-year-old aiming to be a professional shogi player by achieving the rank of 4-dan or more. Sanada is over the age limit as he could not achieve 4-dan by the age of 26, and is now trying to take an exam for admission to 3-dan. Akiba supports Sanada's attempt to become a professional shogi player and becomes interested in the game... Watch drama online for free.

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