Blade Heart

Release Year: 2004

Country: Hong Kong

Author(s): Updating

Artist(s): Updating

Genres: Action ; Drama ; Wuxia

Status: TV Series

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The Tong family was framed 20 years ago and sentenced to death for treason.Tong Bik (Liza Wang) escaped with her life although she lost her infant son.HerhusbandLingFung(AdamCheng)waspluckedfromdeathbyCheungSing,aeunuch,andsentencedtoalifeofservitude,servingtheeunuchasacaptainoftheguardsasCheungSingschemedtogaintheemperor'sfavour.LingagreedtoservetheeunuchsothathecouldremaininthecapitaltoseekrevengeontheSzemafamilathebelievedcausedtheTongfamily'sdownfall.Hewearsamasktohidethetattoothatmarkshimasadeathrowconvict.WhenTongBik'ssecondhusbanddiesshedecio take revenge against the Szema family by returning to the capital and setting up a weapons foundry to challenge the Szema family for business. Shetriestowinbusinessbymakingaswordthatcanbeusedatcompetitiontoshowoffthefoundry'sabilitiesShemeetsayoungmanMangLui(RaymondLam),whohadmother.Heagreestobecomethefoundry'sswordsmaninthecompetition.MangLuiandTongBik'sdaughterWongYee(Shirley)fallinlove,andsister.Meanwhileafausdoctor'sdaughter,TsunWai(MimiLo)comestotrytohealMangLui'smotherandalsofallsforhim.LingFungmeets,whomhethoughtwasdead,anddoesn'tdarereveer.He tries hardtopreventherfromactingrecklesslyinherquestforrevenge.EventuallytheSzemafamilyisdestroyedandtheremainingmembersofthefamilyarecastout of their home.The daughter,Szema Ping Ting, (Yeung Shuet) is very angry and also vows revenge.The tale becomes a complex web of plotting and counter plots as Szema Ping Ting schemes to kill Tong Bik,Mang Lui discovers his real parentage and becomes enraged and Cheung Sing tries to eliminate his political rivals. Watch drama online for free.

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