Botan Gleep Sudtai

Release Year: 2008

Country: Thailand

Author(s): Updating

Artist(s): Updating

Genres: Asian Drama, Asian Family Drama, Asian Period Drama

Status: TV Series

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The novel "Botan Gleep Sudtai' by the author "Sampaothong" got the best book award. No one knew who "Sampaothong" was and how he looked like. Everyone just knew that he was a Thai/Chinese writer who was famous in Thailand. In fact, "Sampaothong" was Theeradej or Ah-Joo, a youngest son of Ah-Cheng and Meiling, a Chinese couple who imigrated from China to settle in Thailand and earned thier living by opening the food shop selling "Khao Mun Gai" (Steamed-Chicken with Rice) and "Ped Palo" (Stewed Duck). They had 3 sons, Theerachai or Ah-Jo, Theerachart or Ah-Jiw and Theeradej or Ah-Joo. Ah-Cheng always thought that having 3 sons was a gift from God because he thought that the son could carry on his lineage and had more gratefulness than daughter. However, in his mind, Ah-Joo was his hatred child and Ah-Jo and Ah-Jiw were his loved sons because when Ah-Joo was born, his family got a difficulty and had to imigrate to Thailand, sWatch drama online for free.

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