Choi Gon had a big hit in 1988 with his song The Rain and You and became one of the top stars of the 1980s, but did not handle the fame very well, acquiring bad habits and quickly spending most of his money. In 2006, now past his prime, leather-jacket-and-jeans-wearing Gon resents that the spotlight has moved on to younger entertainers, but he still lives the life of a rock star, getting into drunk driving incidents and drug scandals. The only thing Gon has left is his longtime manager and friend, Park Min-soo, who has stood by him since the peak of his career. Min-soo still manages to find Gon small gigs in little coffee shops on the outskirts of Seoul and continues to look after him and keep him out of trouble, even if that means neglecting his own family. One day Gon gets in a fight with a customer at a cafe and ends up in jail. Because of Gons prior record, the bail is set so high that the desperate Min-soo sees no way to deal with it on his own, so he goes to a major radio station to call in old favors. The only thing he turns up is a job as a DJ at a local radio station in a small provincial town in the remote mountainous county of Yeongwol.[3] The radio station itself is on its last legs and is close to shutting down. Arriving in Yeongwol, nothing seems to suit Gon, despite all the efforts Min-soo makes to make his life there as comfortable as possible. Gon pretty much sabotages everything by being pessimistic and negative—even when he is on the air. But to everyones surprise, his daily show Choi Gons Midday Songs of Hope becomes a big hit in the small town, as he allows the locals to tell their own eccentric stories. Also, hard rock music, which was initially foreign to the townspeople, becomes the bridge between them and Gon. When his newfound fan club begins to put the recordings of his show on the internet, soon the big bosses in Seoul become aware of Gons fame and want him to make a comeback—but without his manager.  Watch drama online for free.

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