Undercover Blues

Release Year: 2001

Country: Hong Kong

Author(s): Updating

Artist(s): Updating

Genres: Crime

Status: Movies

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Veteran cop Frank Chan (Ray Lui Leung-wai, who also co-produced) discovers that old protege Joe Wong (Daniel Wu Yan-zu) is now working undercover in a triad gang. The HK police department lost contact with him when he went to Malaysia with his boss, Spanner (Blackie Ko Shou-liang), ostensibly to see some races. Ordered to locate Joe, Frank assembles an unorthodox team, consisting of the depressed Charles (Wong Hei), whose wife is on the verge of leaving him, Simon (a blonde Mark Cheng Ho-nam), whose underworld dealings have gotten him into trouble with the I.C.A.C. department, and Frank's former partner, Fred (Simon Lui Yu-yeung), who is now a feared triad enforcer. Once the group arrive in Malaysia, they are threatened by a local gang but eventually locate Spanner. The dai lo and his men were ambushed while making a deal and the attack cost Spanner one of his hands. Joe, however, has disappeared, and Spanner believes that he is being held by drug kingpin Hung Shing. Further events, and Fred's personal agenda, place everyone in great danger.Watch drama online for free.

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