Utsukushiki Wana

Release Year: 2015

Country: Japan

Author(s): Updating

Artist(s): Updating

Genres: Drama, Suspense

Status: TV Series

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4-year-old Nishida Rika is about to put an end to a three-year affair and move towards marriage. The man she had been having an affair with is the handsome, desirable Kashiwagi Sota. 20 years her senior, the ambitious Kashiwagi is the managing director of a large corporation. He has a beautiful wife, Mitsuko, and a daughter who is a high school student, Miu. Because her mother died when she was 17, Rika has been attached to her father. She sought a father figure and fell in love with Kashiwagi. Although she realises that their affair has no future, her love for him is deep. However, she is betrayed and dumped by Kashiwagi. Furthermore, Mitsuko orchestrated it. The moment Rika learns about this, the flames of vengeance flare up within her. Even so, she is not able to completely become the wicked woman. She brought it upon herself, but is devastated by the continuous onslaught of evil around her. Then she finds out that Mitsuko is emotionally reliant on businessman Ochiai Keiichi who is the younger brother of Kashiwagi’s good friend. Rika decides to steal his heart and starts to date him with a view to marriage. Watch drama online for free.

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