Victim - Thai

Release Year: 2006

Country: Other Asia

Author(s): Updating

Artist(s): Updating

Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Status: Movies

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Ting is an actress specializing in forensic crime reenactments. But her latest job is not like the others. She genuinely feels the terrible pain and suffering of the victim. And now Ting fears she herself is in danger of becoming the next victim... Overview: Ting is an aspiring actress who dreams of becoming famous. One day the police ask her to help solve a murder case by portraying the victim in the reenactment of the crime. Ting relishes the opportunity and is quickly asked to recreate fatal experiences of other victims. Now a local celebrity, Ting is invited to reenact a very high-profile murder case. The victim is a former Miss Thailand and the murder especially gruesome and peculiar. However, this reenactment is not like the others as Ting to her horror, genuinely feels the terrible pain and suffering that the murdered beauty queen endured. Frantically searching for answers, Ting fears she herself is in danger of becoming the next victim... The Victim is inspired by actual criminal events and many of the scenes recreated in the film were based on real crimes and shot on the actual locations in Thailand. Watch drama online for free.

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